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suzane + suzana massena in vogue brasil
twins Suzane Massena & Suzana Massena

Le Look Du Jour: Models Suzane Massena, Magdalena Frackowiak & Suzana Massena by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Japan, May 2013. 
work it The gorgeous Yomi Abiola

mermaids on the canary islands
beautiful black and blue
omg cutest kid ever
Jessi M’bengue

Snapshot: Ataui Deng and Marihenny Rivera by Simon Burstall for ELLE France November 2012

The earth has stretchmarks and pimples, except people talk about how beautiful they are, and we take pictures of them and we love them, and we call them “canyons” and “volcanoes”.
Why can’t we think of our own bodies that way?

From gwenlightened (via bodyloveconference)

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